Award Letter and Accepting Loans

We have received our Award Letter and are wondering what our next steps are in accepting what we have been awarded.


Financial Aid Award Information:

Award Letter Info
Please refer to information on our financial aid website regarding Award letter information including the timeline for generating these letters and next steps once you receive it.

New entering freshmen will receive an award letter mailed to their permanent addess if awarded prior to our Freshmen registration event that takes place in June.  Those students who submit information later will be notified at their WSU email account once awarded.  Once awarded, all students are able to view financial aid information by logging in to the Student eServices page and reviewing the left-hand navigation to the "Financial Aid" heading.

Continuing/returning students will receive an e-mail message stating that they have a financial aid award available for the next year. Within the text of this letter there is a link that will bring the student to the Student eServices page to log in. At this screen, students will need to have their StarID and password ready.

Once you have successfully logged in, you will find Financial Aid on the left-hand menu.

Should students expect to see something awarded and are not seeing it (such as workstudy or scholarships, for example), please call 507-457-5090 and we will connect you with the appropriate counselor to address your needs.

Accepting Loans
Information on accepting studeent loans is available on our financial aid website.  You are able to accept loans offered as part of our Optional Loan program at

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