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I was on academic suspension for a prior period of time.  I submitted my appeals to Advising Services and they cleared the hold they had on my registration.  My financial aid is stil not going through, even though I have shown myself to be making satisfactory academic progress? Have I missed something?

Though you have cleared your academic standing with an appeal through the Warrior Success Center, it may also necessary to do so with Financial Aid.  This is common when students extend their course of study beyond what is determined the "maximum time" by federal standards.  You will want to look at the email you received from the Warrior Hub to see if the heading includes "Maximum Time Suspension". The process for appealing that suspension is described below:

Students who have experienced a special circumstance may submit written reviews to the Financial Aid Satisfactory Progress Review Committee to have their situation reviewed for possible reinstatement of aid.  In order for an appeal to be approved you must demonstrate that you have experienced extraordinary circumstances which directly affected your ability to maintain satisfactory progress.  Examples might be illness, hospitalization, death of a relative, etc.  To submit a review the student must submit the following documentation to the Financial Aid Office:

1.      Satisfactory Progress Review Form (sent with the notice of suspension)

2.      Letter from the student explaining why the student has fallen below standards and why aid should be reinstated. 

3.      Third party letter documenting the student's special circumstances. 

When the appeal is approved the student retains financial aid eligibility under an appeal status for one semester. Minimum academic standards for the semester are specified and communicated as part of the appeal resolution.  

When the cumulative standards are met the student returns to a status of good standing at the end of the appeal semester. 

When the cumulative standards are not met, the qualitative and quantitative performances for the appeal semester are reviewed. If the minimum standards are met as specified in the appeal for the semester, the appeal status is continued for another semester.  If the minimum standards specified in the appeal are not met, the appeal status is removed and financial aid eligibility is suspended.

Satisfactory Academic Progress for financial aid and academics is monitored after each semester.

All of this related information is available at the following link as well:

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There are further links on this site which go into great detail on WSU Academic Probation and Suspension Policy

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