Billing E-mail Message Payment Date
I received an e-mail message that said my financial aid has not gone through yet...I am wondering where my loan is and if I am going to have my classes dropped?

That is a very common question.  The e-mail that went out went to students who were still carrying a balance in their accounts.  The message that you should take from that is that if you have a balance in your account after the first payment date, then there will be an additional charge that is placed upon your account for entering into a payment plan.

If you have taken out financial aid and are just waiting for it to process, it is taking roughly a month from the time you accepted the loans online for that to process through to Student Accounts.

The entirety of the payment procedures are included below and are available through the following link:

Payment Procedures

If you have not yet accepted your student loans, you are still able to do that through our financial aid site.  Once there, look under the 'Quick Links:' There are various loan types that can be accepted under the Accepting Your Loans: heading.  Included below is a link to the Stafford Loan Master Promissory Note.

Federal Direct Loan

Other Financial Aid information is available through the main website.

Financial Aid Homepage

Other payment due date info is available though the link to our Payment Due Dates.

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