Difference Between WSU Username/Password, Access Codes and PIN

What is the difference between WSU username, password and PIN, and an access code?


Your username is your Winona State Username (e.g.JSmith08); your password is whatever you reset it to when you personalized your laptop.  This information can be requested or retrieved from the Technical Support Center or by calling Phone Support at 507-457-5240.

Username and password are the same for the following accounts:
      -Student webs

Before registration, you will be given an access code to sign up for classes. You need as evidence you met with your advisor. You will be asked to enter it before registration; this is a one-time use code. Every semester at WSU you will receive a new code from your advisor. Once you have entered this code, you will not have to enter it again during the same semester.  You will, however, be queued to enter the password associated with your Star ID in order to complete registration activities (add courses, change grading methods, drop courses, etc.).

We no longer use pin numbers. We have converted to using Star ID in itstead of WSU Id and pin numbers.  Star IDs are used to log into Student eServices and D2L. For Star ID help, you can visit the web.

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