Stolen Laptop and/or tablet

What happens if my laptop and/or tablet is stolen?


If your WSU laptop is stolen, report the theft to local law enforcement authorities as soon as possible. You will need the stolen device's serial number for the police report, contact Tech Support at 507-457-5240 to attain this information. Please request a copy of the police report and turn in a copy of the police report to the Technical Support Center in Somsen Hall 207 (Winona) or Coffman Center 122 (Rochester) within two business days of the incident. Safeware covers theft and damages but if you don't have Safeware, $500 will be charged to your student account. Once the police report has been submitted to Tech Support, you will receive a replacement laptop.  Section 5.0 of the Student e-Warrior Digital Life and Learning Agreement highlights this information in more detail. If you have any questions, contact WSU's Tech Support at 507-457-5240.

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