Campus Card Account Help

Where can I get help with my Campus Card Account?


You can use the Help Option within the GET Funds Program, or you can send an email directly to: Attached below is a description of how this works and a link to the login for.

What is Get Funds?

GET Funds is a website where students (and others through Guest deposits with GET Funds) can view and/or manage a student’s campus card account. It provides valuable information about account balances and spending history, while enabling deposits to a campus card account using a credit card. Turning off a campus card that has been lost is also a very important feature of GET Funds.

GET Funds is “always on”, so that when a student discovers they are out of money at 10pm at night, Dad or Mom can still deposit funds, via Guest deposits with GET Funds. Your campus card account is replenished and ready for food and supply purchases once again!

GET Funds - For Students

Guest deposits with GET Funds - for family members or others to deposit to a student's Get Funds account.

Additional Comments

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