Are IP grades due today...?
On the front page of the website, it states that the (IP) grades are due today.  Is that true or is it just (I) grades as it states in the e-mail that came from the Registrar's office? 

There is an error on the front page of the Main Website.  Under Campus Events, it states that IP grades from Fall '08 are due today. You have a year to complete your IP grades-refer to Academic Calendar. 

Incompletes (I) are given as being due today from the information on the academic calendarA link to that date is provided here. 

If you choose the academic calendar for this year, you will notice it is posted that those (I) grades are indicated as being due today. 

We apologize for any confusion and hope this information helpsPlease feel free to contact us at 507-457-2800 should you have further questions. 

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