Requesting a Transcript

How can I get a copy of my current transcript?


The method you use to request a transcript varies based on your status. It will depend upon whether or not you are currently enrolled, as well as whether you are looking for an official or unnofficial transcript. General Transcript information is presented online. The process for the specific cases listed above is described below:

Unofficial Transcripts

Current students, former students, and alumni also have online access via their eServices to their academic record (unofficial transcript).  Students may view and immediately print a copy of their academic record to their own local printer.

Official Transcripts

Official transcripts are issued in the order they are requested. Because of demand, individuals ordering transcripts near the end of the term should allow at least two weeks for delivery.

Ordering Transcripts

If you have any further questions regarding your transcript, how to obtain a copy of it, or your academic record in general, feel free to contact us at the Warrior Hub or call us at 507.457.2800.

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