Tobacco Policy

What is Winona's Tobacco Free Policy?


Winona State University has been tobacco free since January 12th, 2009. 

Listed below is a section on frequently asked questions regarding this move:

Frequently Asked Questions About Winona State University's Tobacco-Free Policy

Q: When does the policy go into effect?

The policy took effect at the start of spring semester, Jan. 12th, 2009.

Q: Why is WSU going tobacco-free?

1.    WSU is a community of learners improving our world. In accordance with our mission, we are devoted to improving the health and well-being of our campus community by setting an example of healthy practice.

2.    To demonstrate the core value of health and wellness at WSU we will provide a safe and healthy environment for work and study for students, employees and visitors by making WSU a fully tobacco-free campus.

Q: Whom does this policy affect?

This policy applies to all faculty, staff, students, contractors, vendors and visitors.

Q: How will the policy be enforced?

In the event of a violation, the person will be informed of the WSU Tobacco-Free Campus Policy. Should that person continue to violate the policy, a report should be made to the appropriate office; in the case of an employee, to that person's supervisor; in the case of a student, to the Student Conduct Officer; in the case of a visitor, to Campus Security. Employees who violate the policy shall be subject to discipline in accordance with the appropriate bargaining agreement. Students who violate the policy will be reviewed through the student judicial process and may expect a fine or a requirement to perform community service that addresses an aspect of health and safety.

The University will develop training programs to assist and prepare students and employees to help one another honor the tobacco-free environment.

Q: What areas does the no-smoking policy cover?

ยท    Smoking/smokeless tobacco usage is prohibited:

o In all campus buildings including academic and administrative buildings,

o The student union

o All residence halls including private rooms and campus-owned apartments.

o In all university-owned vehicles.

o On all university properties, including outdoor athletic facilities.

Q: May I smoke in my personal car?

Parking lots owned by the University are included in the ban; however, there will be no effort to enforce the ban within closed private vehicles.

Q: Will WSU provide programs to help me quit?

WSU makes a strong commitment to work with employees to arrange a flexible work schedule that will allow for participation in structured tobacco usage cessation programs for those who wish to reduce and/or quit using tobacco products. A listing of community resources for cessation programs is available in the Office of Human Resources. Students are encouraged to contact the Student Health Service for information about available cessation programs and services.

For more information about the tobacco-free policy, visit:

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