Suspended students attending Summer School

Can a student who is suspended attend summer school?


Yes, students on Academic Warning who fail to meet the standards by the end of their next term of enrollment will be placed on Academic Suspension. Students on Academic Suspension will have the opportunity to submit a written appeal for readmission. * If the appeal is granted, the student will be able to remain enrolled for an additional semester on Academic Probation. If the appeal is denied, or if the student does not appeal, the student must sit out for at least one academic term (two terms for a second suspension, two years for a third) before being readmitted on Academic Probation. Summer Session does not count as a sit-out term.

*Because there is no opportunity to appeal between Spring Semester and Summer Session, students who are placed on Academic Suspension after Spring Semester may take summer classes on Academic Probation.

Additional information on the topic of academic suspension is available online.

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