Student Fees During COVID
Do you plan on changing the tuition cost or reimbursing students for the Fall 2020 semester? Online courses are not the same as in person courses. What about athletic fees?
Tuition for the fall 2020 semester will not be adjusted or refunded. We believe our online classes provide high-quality educational experiences. However, if you are unsatisfied with your course schedule or delivery modes, please contact the Warrior Success Center or your advisor to see where we might be able to make adjustments. We are offering a variety of options in course delivery methods such as face-to-face, online, and hybrid formats.

The tuition and fees will continue to be charged at the rates approved by the Minnesota State Board of Trustees at their June Board meeting. Tuition was frozen for fall semester compared to last year. While this new normal provides challenges to us all, the various student fees that are paid support a wide variety of functions and operations within each area. For example, the fees fund the operations, maintenance of buildings such as the integrated wellness center and the student union that are still in service and available to students. While some of the athletics seasons have been cancelled, others remain and there are practices and other activities that the athletic teams are engaging in during this time.

If the University pivots to fully online as we did last March, a determination will be made at that time as to what we are doing with tuition and fees. There is no preset plan as it is dependent upon many factors including what the system office allows us to do or not do.
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