On & Off Campus Community Pandemic Responsibility
I think for many, the biggest concern is not WSU classes or campus life itself, but whether students will be safe in their off time. Is there anything WSU or the community can do about that?
The WSU communication team, with help from others around campus, is sending reminders that we are counting on everyone on and off campus to do their part in slowing down the spread of this global pandemic. Individual responsibility includes: wearing a face cover in public, washing hands with soap and water or sanitizing frequently, maintaining physical distance of at least 6 ft. in public and private gatherings, cleaning and sanitizing commonly used surfaces, staying home when ill, checking in with family and friends.

The campus leaders will continue conversations with landlords, city, and county officials to create community support that extends beyond campus boundaries.
Additional Comments
For further assistance, please reach out to covid19-info@winona.edu.

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