IWC Fitness Center Access Spring 2021
Will the IWC Fitness Center be open to WSU employees spring semester? If so, will we be charged a membership fee if we paid for a full year membership last year, even though we were unable to use the facility from March-August?
As we can’t offer all of our students unrestricted or reliable access to the IWC Fitness Center, we are not offering any employee or non-student memberships at the current time or for the duration of the Spring 2021 semester. Our student fees fund the vast majority of IWC operations (including facility and programs), and as such, providing services and facilities to our students through the intense restrictions of the Covid-19 pandemic remains our focus moving into the Spring Semester, 2021, and likely through Fall 2021. Additionally, and unfortunately, because MN State maintained we were not to refund student fees for Spring 2020, we were also unable to refund/flex any employee memberships from last year. Because so much of our planning will be impacted by the successful vaccination and resulting levels of immunity, we are unable to project or plan outside of serving our students first at this time.

That said, we hope to invite employees and families back in the future, but we can’t do it while our facility and services remain so restricted for our students.
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