Class Procedure if Professor Tests Positive
What happens to my class if my professor tests positive for COVID and cannot hold class sessions?
The academic department and department chairperson would likely come up with a plan for the class. As each class, professor, and department operates differently, the situation would need to be handled on a case-by-case basis. It is possible for the course to move to synchronous online if the course was originally set up as an in-person course; each professor has been advised to place classes online, if at all possible.  However, students must remain flexible just as we've asked professors to be.

If you have questions about how grading will be affected, please seek clarification from the professor teaching the course.

There will be no refund for reduced/restricted learning.  The tuition and fees will continue to be charged at the rates approved by the Minnesota State Board of Trustees at their June Board meeting.  As plans change, notification will be provided to students via email.
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