Still Time To Get Vaccinated
Why get vaccinated at this point?
The current vaccines still cover the mutated Delta strain of COVID-19, so there three main benefits to getting the vaccine: 1) The vaccine will help to prevent you from contracting the virus. 2) If you do contract it, the vaccine will reduce your risk of becoming severely ill, hospitalized, and it can prevent death from the virus. 3) Getting vaccinated as a whole community allows us to fight against future variants of the virus –ones that might not be covered by the current vaccines.
Additional Comments
The Delta variant has caused an increase in cases of COVID-19 across the country, and we're doing everything we can to prevent a spike on our campus. We also don't have a clear picture of the percentage of our students that are vaccinated (to help with that, self-report here). What we do know is that only 29% of 18-24 yearoldsin Winona County are currently fully vaccinated.In comparison, the minimumstarting point would ideally bea 70% vaccination rate.

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