Employees, Contractors, Vendors, Volunteers, and Interns
Who are considered “employees, contractors, vendors, volunteers, and interns?”


All Minnesota State faculty and staff, including student workers, those on work study assignments, graduate assistants, contractors, and vendors serving as an extension of campus or system office staff and providing services on behalf of Minnesota State (including but not limited to food service contractors, bookstore contractors, and security contractors) and Foundation employees.

The following are NOT subject to the policy: construction contractors, referees and officials, contractors who do not have a long-term engagement on campus such as guest speakers/presenters, specific project or training consultants, individuals providing repair or technical services, etc. In addition, those non-Minnesota State entities leasing space on Minnesota State campuses (Workforce Centers, Libraries, Independent School District [ISD] employees and students), etc.) are also not included.

Additional Comments
Students employed in these categories are covered under this policy consistent with Minn. Stat. 43A.08. This is consistent with how student workers are treated under broad state mandates such as the wage notice law and unemployment insurance.

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