Contact Tracing and Assigning Seats in Classrooms
Are faculty members being asked to to assign seats as part of a COVID mitigation strategy?  How does that impact contact tracing around COVID?
Due to the extent of the pandemic, contact tracing is very delayed at the state level.  Keeping a seating chart allows Health Services to contact close contacts rather than the entire class when there has been a known positive in the classroom.  Contact TLT ( if you would like help using technology to accomplish this.

There are two ways you may learn that a student in your class has tested positive or had close contact with someone who tested positive: from the student and/or from WSU Health Services.

All positive COVID test results are reported to MDH and MDH then informs the university and coordinates contact tracing as needed. Sometimes this information takes several days to reach us. Students can also use the Winona State University COVID-19 Self-Report Form to self-disclose.

Finally, we would know if a student tests positive if the student uses our WSU Health Services for testing. You will only be notified by WSU Health Services as part of their contract tracing efforts in response to a student report being present in the classroom while infective.

The name of the student will not be disclosed. If a student informs you of a positive test result or close contact with someone who tested positive, please keep that person's identity private. COVID test results are private personal information, and you cannot disclose them to anyone if shared by a student. Consult the Handle student COVID status information article for more information. What you can do are the following:

1.    Encourage the student to submit the Winona State University COVID-19 Self-Report Form.

2.    Direct the student to Ask-a-Nurse if that student has any questions.

3.    Inform the rest of your class that someone in the class tested positive and direct them to Ask-a-Nurse if they have any questions.

4.    Contact your Dean and WSU Health Services if you have any questions.

More information is available on our COVID Response page.
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