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  • ATM Access

    There is not a bank on campus. There are two Affinity Plus ATMs on campus. They are located in Kryzsko Commons near Exit 1 toward the bus stop on Huff...

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  • Winona Weather

    A good deal of information is available on regarding weather conditions both historically and at present for Winona. This site is also a good resource for historical data on...

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  • Rochester Campus Food Services

    There are three locations at Winona State University - Rochester that offer food and beverages:· WSU-R Grand Cafe located on the third...

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  • Library Hours

    The WSU library site gives the hours for each day in the upper-right hand corner of the page. You can click on the "More Hours" link once there to...

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  • General Library Information

    General information for the WSU Darrell W. Krueger Library can be found at: Library Website

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  • Library Location

    The WSU Darrell W. Krueger Library at Winona State University is located on the corner of Johnson and Mark Street. Its entrance is facing the student union. More information about...

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  • Parking Permit Refunds

    The Parking Services Office will issue refunds for anyone that returns their parking permit to their office on the second floor of Maxwell Hall. It would be pro-rated for...

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  • Apply For a Parking Permit

    Winona State University offers permits for members of the campus community who choose to park on campus. Permits vary in price and location depending on the type of permit...

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  • Bike Rental Program

    WSU students and employees can rent bikes and related equipment (helmet, cable, and lock key) for up to five hours at no cost. Rentals are available from late March through...

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  • Student Work on Campus

    A great resource for starting the process of looking for an on-campus job is the Career Services website. Once on that sight, on the right-hand navigation, you will find the...

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