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  • Graduate student aid

    Information on aid for graduate students is found in the graduate students section of Financial Aid website.

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  • Health Service Charges

    Health service charges are added to the student account. You can pay online using your checking or savings account or credit card. Personal checks can be mailed to the...

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  • Payment in Rochester

    Students can pay at the UCR Student Services Cashier's Office in Rochester.  Office hours  Other payment options

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  • Scholarships

    Please refer to the scholarship section of the Financial Aid Departmental web site.

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  • State Grant Requirements

    15 credits is required for full time status for a State Grant. For a student enrolled for less than 15 credits, the amount of award, if one is...

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  • Study Abroad/Travel Study Financial Aid

    Please meet with a financial aid counselor in the Financial Aid Office to go over your options and to learn what steps you need to take to assure the timely...

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  • Tuition and Fee Payment

    Please refer to our payment procedures regarding mimimum payment required to keep your classes. If you have made the minimum payment but unable to pay the remaining balance there will...

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  • Tuition and fees

    Information on tuition and fees can be found on our Tuition and Fees web page. To find out accepted types of payment, view 'Types of payment accepted'.

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  • Tuition Due Dates

    This information is available by viewing our payment calendar, which also includes payment procedures where you are able to view payment information formatted by term.

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  • Tuition Refund

    You may or may not be eligible for a refund if you drop one class. Undergraduate courses offered at the Winona campus are banded so you pay the same rate...

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