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  • Weather and Class Cancellations

    If bad weather prevents you from traveling to the Winona Campus even though the campus is open, contact (1) your academic department, and (2) the director of Public Information...

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  • WSU Stats

    General information about Winona State University is available for you to explore on our website. If you still have questions after reviewing this information, please feel free to contact...

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  • Advisors in Rochester

    Rochester has: General academic advisors. Follow this link to learn more: Finding my advisor Transfer specialists - Students call Rochester Student Support Services to make an appointment 1-800-366-5418 Rochester Academic...

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  • Build-up room

    A build up room is a room that accommodates an additional student. For example a double built up to a triple or a single built up to a double....

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  • Changing meal plans

    Meal plans can be changed or purchased at the Housing Office (Kryzsko 130). You will be able to find more specific information by following this link: Additional Information on...

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  • Freshmen living off campus

    Freshmen at Winona State University are not required to live on campus so living in an apartment would be an option. However, it is important to note that some programs...

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  • Housing accomodations

    Yes, there are accommodations for students with disabilities in both residence halls and in the East Lake Apartments. To get additional information, or to make arrangements contact: Housing

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  • Housing assignment

    Housing assignments can be viewed online in the student eServices portal by the end of April. Additional information on housing can be found at the Housing and Residential...

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  • Housing Tours

    Housing tours are done through the Admissions office.  You should Submit this Form to schedule your visit. For more info go to WSU Housing. 

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  • Housing/Room Signup

    All of the information you are looking for is located on the Housing and Residential Life webpage. 

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