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  • ManageMyID Account Help

    You can use the Help Option within the ManageMyID Program, or you can send an email directly to: Attached below is a description of how this works and a...

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  • Meal plans for off campus students

    Students living off-campus have two options for a meal plan. 75 BLOCK MEAL PLAN: $490 for 75 meals to be used in the cafeterias or for designated meals in the...

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  • Parking Permit

    You can get a parking permit at Parking Services, 2nd floor in Maxwell. Feel free to follow this link, for additional information on parking.

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  • Campus Jobs

    On campus jobs are on the Warrior Jobs website along with directions on how to apply. Both Work Study and Student Help jobs are listed on this site....

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  • Hourly student salary

    There is a great deal of up to date information on the hourly pay rate for campus jobs as well as other useful student employment information available on our online...

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  • Looking for Student Employment

    The Warrior Jobs website lets you view student help jobs that are available. Though all of our work study positions are listed on this site, many student help opportunities...

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  • Posting a Student Job

    Student jobs can be posted on the Warrior Jobs site. Instructions for how to post a job are available by phoning the Warrior Success Center at (507)457-5878 or by emailing...

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  • Student Employment Types

    The different types of student employment are explained on the Student Employment web site. In addition, you will also find information on topics such as: Eligibility, Finding the Right Job,...

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  • Work Study Jobs

    Information on Work Study jobs is available on the Warrior Jobs site.

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  • Blue Card Process

    Officially, the Blue Card is a Class Permit form. It has historically been printed on blue paper, thus the term 'Blue Card'. Purpose:It gives you permission to take a course...

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