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  • Course substitution form

    You can obtain a course substitution form from the Warrior Hub. Once you have the form, take it to the following people: Advisor Chairperson Dean Once these approval's are...

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  • Credits Classifications for Undergrad Students

    Undergraduate student classifications  First Year student  0-29 semester hours  Sophomore  30-59 semester hours  Junior  60-89 semester hours  Senior  90+ semester hours

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  • Drop/add date

    The information regarding dates associated with Summer Session are available on the Academic Calendar.   For further inquiry, please contact the Warrior Hub at 507.457.2800.

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  • First Day of Classes

    The academic calendars for the various terms/years always list this as well as other important term related dates. These calendars are available by accessing the Academic Calendars posted online....

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  • Grading Methods

    A grading method of Audit permits a student to attend a course without performing graded work. An audited course appears on the transcript, but does not earn any credits and...

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  • Graduation Application

    Application for graduation should be submitted after you have completed registration for your final term at WSU and you have completed all of your requirements. You are able to...

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  • Majors Offered

    A complete listing of undergraduate programs are available online in a comprehensive list that links off to the various departments where you will further be able to learn about these...

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  • Missing Exams

    There are no university approved reasons, it is up to the discretion of the professor.

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  • Pass/No Credit grading

    Any grade of D or better designates a Pass grade. Additional information on Pass/No credit classes is available in the Academic Policies & University Requirements section of the 2010-2012 on...

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  • Pre-requisites for Classes

    Pre-requisites are being enforced in the Registration System for all College of Business courses and in the College of Science and Engineering for Biology courses. If you are blocked...

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