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  • Library Hours

    The WSU library site gives the hours for each day in the upper-right hand corner of the page. You can click on the "More Hours" link once there to...

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  • Library Policies

    Listed below is information on library policy from our website. Included after this information is a link to the specific original information on the website. We seek a balance...

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  • General Library Information

    General information for the WSU Darrell W. Krueger Library can be found at:Library Website

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  • Library Location

    The WSU Darrell W. Krueger Library at Winona State University is located on the corner of Johnson and Mark Street. Its entrance is facing the student union. A map of...

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  • Interlibrary Loans

    The WSU Library provides a service called interlibrary loan (ILL). The library coordinates with other libraries to have materials the WSU does not have, such as books, videos, and...

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  • Research

    The WSU Library provides walk-in and by appointment research help. Do you need help using a database, finding articles or books on a specific topic? A librarian at the research...

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  • Group Study Room

    Check out the library website for information on reserving a study room. You will either need to be on campus using the internet or using the VPN on your...

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