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  • Mask Refusal

    If a student does not follow the stated WSU Face Covering guidelines, their behavior would be addressed using the Student Conduct Code and include possible sanctions like disciplinary probation,...

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  • Mask Mandate

    As in the past, we are monitoring the overall infection rates closely, and we will react accordingly.Any mitigation strategies put in place, including the mask mandate are intended to keep...

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  • Wearing Mask When Vaccinated

    The Delta variant is as contagious as chicken pox and is 55% more transmissible than the original COVID-19 strain, according to the CDC. Although breakthrough cases are possible (where a...

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  • Mask Mandate

    Recent CDC guidance requires the use of face coverings in indoor public areas, even for vaccinated individuals, when there are “substantial” or “high” levels of transmission in the county. ...

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  • WSU Precautions for Delta Variant

    Effective Wednesday, Aug. 4, all students, faculty and staff, and visitors are required to use a face covering to cover both the nose and mouth in all public indoor spaces...

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  • Ongoing Review of COVID Guidelines

    After the first weeks of the semester, we'll have better insight into local transmission rates and hope to have better insight into campus vaccination rates (self report here: wsu.mn/covid-report)....

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  • COVID-19 General Guidance

    Winona State University is one of the 37 institutions in the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities System. As such, we generate our guidance for addressing COVID realities in our educational...

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