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  • Employee Holiday Pay

    Please refer to Holiday Eligibility & Calculation Tool

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  • Types of payment accepted

    There are several manners in which can pay your tuition. Those methods are listed below. You can pay online using your credit card (Visa, Mastercard, or Discover only). ...

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  • Payment in Rochester

    Students can pay at the UCR Student Services Cashier's Office in Rochester.  Office hours  Other payment options

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  • Tuition and Fee Payment

    Please refer to our payment procedures regarding mimimum payment required to keep your classes. If you have made the minimum payment but unable to pay the remaining balance there will...

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  • Tuition Due Dates

    This information is available by viewing our payment calendar, which also includes payment procedures where you are able to view payment information formatted by term.

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  • Student Worker Information

    Students and Supervisors may view all student help and student worker information at Student Employment Site.

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  • Employee SEMA4 ID

    SEMA4 ID is your statewide identification for personalized  payroll and benefit information.  Please contact Human Resources 457-5005 if you do not know your SEMA4 ID.

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  • Health Service Charges

    Health service charges are added to the student account. You can pay online using your checking or savings account or credit card. Personal checks can be mailed to: Winona...

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  • West campus fee

    The Residential College annual activity fee is charged to everyone living in Lourdes, Maria and the Tau Center. This fee is assessed only in the fall semester, and supports...

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  • Hourly student salary

    There is a great deal of up to date information on the hourly pay rate for campus jobs as well as other useful student employment information available on our online...

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